Fast Loan Direct Reviews| Is this Legit to Apply

Fast Loan Direct is one of the best loan providers for borrowers who need cash immediately for their financial needs like medical bills, unexpected expenses, home billing, renovation.,

You know what?

Fast Loan Direct is the popular choice of many borrowers who need quick cash. However, before choosing loans in fast loan direct, you have to know fast loan direct reviews from Trustpilot, Sitejabber, check reviews on google.

So, as per your needs in this article we will explain a comprehensive review about fast loan direct, how to apply for this loan, what are the benefits and more other stuff.

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What is Fast Loan Direct?

What is Fast Loan Direct?

Fast Loan Direct is one of the online lending platforms, helps you to compare your basic information and application with many different lenders. This process is really helpful for you to get personal loans from the right lenders which are suitable to your recommendations. Look, Fast Loan Direct acts as a middleman between borrowers and lenders. 

Fast Loan Direct is an alternative of Traditional banks and Credit unions because these loan processes take longer time with strict eligibility criteria compared to online lenders like Fast loan direct.

By using FastLoanDirect you can get loan amount directly deposited to your bank account within 24 hours to 48 hours.

What is Fast Loan Direct Reviews?

FastLoanDirect helps people and borrowers to get cash instantly after approval from online lenders.

Features of FastLoanDirectProcessing
Loan AmountIn FastLoanDirect you will get loan amount from $100 – $35,000
APR APR between 5.99% – 35.99%
Repayment TimeMinimum repayment time 91 days, Maximum Repayment time 72 months
Origination FeeVarious from lenders
Loan Processing timeYou will get a loan amount from 24 hours via your bank account.
Credit Score CheckNO
Service FeeService charge is completely free
Alternatives for FastLoanDirectMoneyMutual, 24/7 Lending Group,

Fast Loan Direct Features

Here are some of the features covered in FastLoanDirect,

  • APR
  • Flexibility
  • Fees
  • Funding speed
  • Loan Amount


In FatLoanDirect, APR rates will be 5.99% – 35.99%


When compared to other online loan providers, this loan has the best flexibility to repay the loan amount.

You can repay the loan amount within 91 days to 72 months.


If you choose online lenders, check they collect fees for late payment, prepayment, & origination fees.

Funding speed

Once your application gets verified, your loan amount will be deposited to your bank account within 1 business day.

Loan Amount

You can get a loan amount from $100 – $35,000 based on your eligibility.

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How to apply for Fast Loan Direct?

How to apply for Fast Loan Direct?

You can apply for a loan via FastLoanDirect websites. Here are the steps to apply for a loan in FastLoanDirect.

Step 1 – Go to FastLoanDirect Website.

Step 2 – Choose the loan amount you want for your needs.

Step 3 – Fill the basic Details asked by loan provider such as Name, Address, SSN number, Phone Number.,etc

Step 4 – Click “Continue” to apply for the loan amount.

Step 5 – Wait for a minute to get approval.

Step 6 – That’s it. Once a loan application is verified by lenders, the loan amount will be directly deposited through your bank account.

What are the Eligibility to apply for Loan Amount?

To apply loan with Fastloandirect, you need to have only basic requirements, they are,

  • You should be a Citizen of the US.
  • You should be 18+ years old.
  • You should be an employee of any company for the past 3 months.
  • Need SSN (Social Security Number)
  • You must be given a valid phone number (your phone number and your office phone number).
  • You should give original address proof.
  • You need to give a valid bank account.

What are the benefits of Using Fast Loan Direct?

If you are planning to get loan from Fast Loan Direct, there are more benefits you will get, Here are some of the benefits like,

  • Quick and Easy application process,
  • Quick Funding,
  • Flexible repayment terms,
  • No additional or hidden charge,
  • Accept Bad Credit.

Quick and Easy application process

It’s easy to apply for a loan with FastLoanDirect, Because the website has a user-friendly interface and it’s easy even for newbies to apply for a loan. 

You can easily fill loan applications via online, you no need to visit the bank or any paperworks.

Quick Funding

Yes, the loan approval process is quick here compared to other loan providers. You can get a loan amount directly deposited to your bank accout.

Flexible repayment terms

FastLoanDirect has flexible repayment terms. Once you get a loan from this company you need to repay the amount within 91 days or within 72 months.

So, you can choose your time to pay the loan amount according to your financial situation.

No additional or hidden charge

FastLoanDirect will be transparent in loan amount and charges. So, don’t feel bad about any hidden charges, because these loan providers do not charge any additional fees.

Accept Bad Credit

Did you now? If you have bad credit you won’t be eligible for applying for a loan in traditional bank and credit Unions. 

But, in this FastLoanDirect company you no need to bother about it. Because the loan does not consider the bad credits.

Pros and Cons about FastLoanDirect

Here are the pros and cons about FastLoanDirect,

Pros of FastLoanDirectCons of FastLoanDirect
User Friendly InterfaceCustomer review is negative
Decent APR compare to other loansOnly loan applicable for certain states
Loan Amount from $100 to $35,000Charge late fee if need
Best Repayment terms and time
Interest rates is good

What credit score is needed for a fast loan directly?

When it comes to Fast loans directly, the lenders do not see your credit scores. But when you apply for the loan, you need to have some requirements.

Fast Loan Direct is Legit?

Yes, 100% the fast loan direct loan is legit.

Alternatives of Fast Loan Direct 

Here are some of the alternatives similar to Fast Loan Direct. They are,

FastLoanDirectCashUSAMutualMoney24/7 Lending Group
Loan amount from $100 – $35,000Loan amount up to  $10,000Loan amount from $250 – $5,000Loan amount from $1000 – $35,000
APR between 5.99% – 35.99%APR up to 36%APR up to 36%Not disclosed
Payment terms 91 days – 72 monthsNot disclosedNot disclosedPayment terms 72 months
Funding Speed 1 Business dayFunding Speed within 2 Business dayFunding Speed 3 Business dayFunding Speed Within 3 Business day

FastLoanDirect Contact Address

Here are the valid address for FastLoanDirect,

  • Address: 17216 Saticoy Street #416 Van Nuys, CA 91406
  • Telephone Number: (805) 429-6064
  • Email Address:

FastLoanDirect Working Time

Here are the FasLoanDirect Working time,

Working DaysWorking Time
Monday9:00am – 5:00pm
Tuesday9:00am – 5:00pm
Wednesday9:00am – 5:00pm
Thursday9:00am – 5:00pm
Friday9:00am – 5:00pm

Fast Loan Direct Reviews by Customers

Fast Loan Direct Reviews 1

Fast Loan Direct Review 1

Fast Loan Direct Reviews 2

Fast Loan Direct Reviews 2

Fast Loan Direct Reviews 3

Fast Loan Direct Review 3

Wrap up

In this blog, You will get more information about fast loan direct reviews. If you need to get bad credit loans with good lenders our experts will prefer to get in FastLoanDirect.

Because these lenders will not consider your credit scores, they have flexible repayment time, and an easy application process.


What interest rates does Fast Loan Direct Personal Loans offer?

5.99% – 35.99% are the interest rates offered by Fat Loan Direct Company.

How much can you borrow via Fast Loan Direct Loans?

You can borrow from $100 to $35,000 via fast loan direct.

What is the maximum repayment time to pay Fast Loan Direct Loans?

You can get repayment time from 91 days to 72 months according to Fast Loans Direct.

Does Fast Loan Direct Personal Loans charge prepayment fees?

No, they do not charge fees.

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