Why Harley Davidson Insurance is Best for Motorcycle?

Do you have a Harley Davidson motorcycle Insurance? If you have then you already know the thrill and excitement of riding. Yes, People love riding motorcycles.

However, you need to have some responsibility and it’s important to protect you from best insurance coverage.

If you are thinking about best Insurance coverage for motorcycles then Hardley Davidson insurance provides peace of mind.

In this blog we’ll explore detailed information about Hardley Davidson insurance with its coverage, and Why it’s most essential for every motorcycle owner.

Let’s Dive deep,

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What is Harley Davidson Insurance?

Harley Davidson Insurance

Harley Davidson Insurance is also called HD insurance. It is the type of motorcycle insurance designed specially for owners of Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

This Insurance offers more coverage plans like,

  • Risks
  • Including theft
  • Accident
  • Liability., etc

When compared to other motorcycle insurance, Harley Davidson Insurance specialises in motorcycle coverage and it will become the best protection for you and your investment.

Why is Harley Davidson Insurance Important?

120th Harley Davidson Collection

As a Hardley Davidson motorcycle owner, you almost have to spend more money on your bike. By having a luxury bike without right insurance coverage, you will face some financial issues if something happens on your bike.

By having a Hardley Insurance plan on your bike you will have more protection. Now, it’s easy for you to ride your bike without any worries.

Let’s see the important reason of Harley Davidson Insurance,

  • Legal Requirement
  • Financial Protection
  • Peace of Mind

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Legal Requirement 

In most states, Motorcycle insurance is mandatory and it’s required by law. In this case Hardley Davidson insurance provides the minimum required coverage, so you can ride your bike legally without any tension.

Financial Protection

If you get an accident without any motorcycle insurance coverage then you need to face financial risk. Even if your motorcycle is stolen by others you will face more financial risk without insurance coverage.

But, If you have Harley Davidson Insurance, they will give you financial protection compared to other insurance coverage.

They will help you to replace the motorcycle or repair the motorcycle and also if other damages, injuries happen HD insurance helps you more from this.

Peace of Mind

Riding a bike is more dangerous and accidents also may occur to the experienced riders also. Harley Davidson Insurance provides peace of mind knowing that you’re covered in case of accident or other unforeseen happens to you.

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Is Harley Davidson Insurance the same thing as Progressive Insurance?

Harley Davidson Insurance is not the same as progressive insurance. HD insurance policies are originally underwritten by some of the best insurance companies like Dairyland, foremost insurance and so on.

Now HD insurance partnered with Progressive for motorcycle insurance.

Nowadays, Harley Davidson Insurance is underwritten by the Sentry insurance group. In case if you file a claim sentry group will pay the payment, not Harley Davidson.

How much does Harley Davidson’s Insurance cost in the USA?

Here are the insurance cost for Harley Davidson,

Best Motorcycle Insurance CompanyAnnual Quotes of Motorcycle Insurance Company
Harley Davidson Insurance Company (Winner)$313
Progressive Insurance Company (Runner)$224
Dairyland Insurance Company$345
Geico Insurance Company$248

Winner – Harley Davidson Motorcycle Insurance Company

To get an insurance quote for a motorcycle in Harley Davidson is very simple. You can easily get the quote online. 

Customers can add their coverages as they need and check their quotations.

What do you get with Harley Davidson Motorcycle Insurance?

You will get more things in HD insurance coverage plan, like

  • Genuine Part and Accessories
  • Military/Law Enforcement Discount
  • Multi-Bike Discount
  • Riding Safely Class
  • Accessories Insurance Coverage
  • Motorcycle Accident Forgiveness

Genuine Part and Accessories

If you have a Ducati or HD touring bike, HD insurance policy will help to supply your bike original spare parts/ replacement parts which is insane.

Military/Law Enforcement Discount

If you are a military person? Even if you are active or retired it’s not matter. HD insurance reduces cost for you and gives some discounts. It’s a great feature.

Multi-Bike Discount

If you are looking for an insurance company to insure more than one bike? Eg. Harley Davidson to Suzuki, no matter what brand your motorcycle. HD insurance will give multi bike discounts.

Riding Safely Class

If you complete a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) class or rider instructional course with Harley Davidson Rider Academy, you may get a discount price on your motorcycle insurance coverage.

Accessories Insurance Coverage

Harley Davidson Insurance coverage will provide motorcycle protection for you and your bike, including more optional coverage equipment and safety gear.

Motorcycle Accident Forgiveness

HD insurance gives breaks for riders. Get more info here?

Did Harley Davidson Insurance Offer any discount?

Yes, HD insurance offers discounts for their policyholders. Let see what are they,

  • If you insure a motorcycle you will get a discount.
  • If you are a member of H.O.G (Harley Owners Group) you will get special discounts.
  • If your licence is endorsed and take part in riding class you will get a discount.
  • If you are an Experienced rider you will get some discounts.
  • If you complete a new riding course (HD riding Academy), then you will get special discounts.
  • If you pay all your bills on time then you will get a discount.
  • If you have another HD insurance product you will get an additional discount.
  • If you have HD insurance for more than 1 year then you will get some amount of discount.
  • If you have more than one motorcycle you can get some discounts.
  • Home ownership
  • Prompt Payer

What vehicles are covered under Harley Davidson Insurance?

Nowadays HD offers an insurance policy all over the states except Alaska and hawaii. Here are the some of the vehicles get coverages from HD insurance,

They are,

  • Scooter
  • Autocycle
  • Dirt Bike
  • CVO
  • Trike
  • Sports Bike
  • S series
  • Sport Touring
  • Dyna
  • V-Rod
  • Sportster
  • Standard
  • Cruiser and more.

What is the Standard Coverage of HD Insurance?

There are some important coverage plans available in HD Insurance. They are,

  • Collision Coverage
  • Medical Expenses
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Comprehensive Protection
  • Property damage Liability
  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Guest Passenger Liability
  • Bike replacement Cost
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Vacation Rental Coverage

What is the Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist in HD Insurance?

There are some important checklists available in HD Insurance.

  1. Make sure you have all documents up to date.
  2. You have to check your services manually.
  3. Check the visual inspection of your vehicle.
  4. Check Battery on your Motorcycle.
  5. Check Electrical works is good on your Motorcycle
  6. Check your fuel levels. Eg (Gas, Engine oil, Fuel, Brake Fluid).
  7. Check Lubrications.
  8. Check Chains and Belt are correctly fitted in your bike.
  9. Checks Tires and brakes of your motorcycle.
  10. Check all bolts are tight. Look you no need to tight every bolt, As per your motorcycle condition you need to do it.
  11. Clean up your bike.
  12. Ride your bike with full safety.

Harley Davidson Insurance Info

Harley Davidson Insurance Company Address

Headquarters – Chicago, IL

Customer Care – 800-909-8393 

Ph.Call – 800-242-2464

Support – 24/7

Working days – Monday to Saturday (7.am to 11.pm CT and Sunday 8.am to 7.pm CT)

Website – https://www.insurance.harley-davidson.com

Pros and Cons of HD Insurance?


  • More coverage plans available
  • Special discounts available


  • Some more Expensive Insurance
  • You can’t merge auto and motorcycle Insurance

Who are the Competitors of Harley Davidson?

Dairyland, Progressive are the competitors of Harley Davidson Insurance.

Wrap up

We collected many Insurance quotes from different companies, meanwhile Harley Davidson Insurance is one of the best insurance for motorcycles.


How can I make a payment on my HD Insurance policy?

You can pay by phone by calling HD insurance services or online.

How can I make a claim on my bike under my current HD Insurance policy?

Contact HD insurance service first.

Who owns Harley Davidson insurance?

Harley Davidson Insurance is operated by Sentry Insurance Group

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