11 Best Home Insurance claim adjuster secret tactics

Home Insurance claim adjuster secret tactics – You need to know that ”Every Insurance adjuster are well trained professionals supported only for Insurance companies”.

Most Insurance adjusters try to minimize the value of your claim. So, don’t frustrate your hope.

By Reading this blog, you will get some important information about how adjusters will follow some ways to reduce your claim amount.

Let’s dive deep into it.

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What is Home Insurance claim adjuster secret tactics?

Home Insurance claim adjuster secret tactics

The plan for Insurance adjusters is to minimize the claim settlement amount from claimants and increase the profits to an Insurance company.

Many Insurance adjusters use common tactics to reduce the claimants claimed amount. 

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11 Secret tactics beyond every Insurance adjuster?

Here are the secret tactics many Insurance adjusters try to apply with every claimant to reduce their claims settlement.

  1. Delaying
  2. Request Unnecessary Information
  3. Disputing Medical Charge
  4. Insurer ask you to accept your fault
  5. Disputing Treatments
  6. Insurer ask to not hire Attorney
  7. Lowball offer
  8. Long Drawn Negotiation
  9. Insurer makes false promises against you
  10. Demanding a Recorded statements
  11. Faking Kindness

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Insurance adjuster’s first tactics is using delaying work against claimants to get down fast. I already said to you that Insurance adjusters are experienced with professionals and try to reduce the claim amount.

For this particular reason, Insurers delay the process of working. Because He/she knows 80% of people get tired of delaying the process, the result is that they accept the low claim amount offer soon.

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Request Unnecessary Information

Home Insurance claim adjuster secret tactics ( Request Unnecessary document)

Yes, to get Insurance amount you need to submit some important documents such as medical bills, expenses, damage cost and more other stuff.

But, sometimes many Insurers try to ask for unnecessary documents from claimants.(2nd tactics)

Let me give an example.

Most Insurers try to ask unnecessary documents such as 3 to 10 years past, You know what? This is one of the strategies from Insurers to delay the process. Sometimes Claimants become more frustrated for asking old documents offen. 

This leads claimants to accept the Low settlement offer earlier.

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Disputing Medical Charge

Most Insurance adjusters only accept 50% to 70% only. You know why this happens? Most people don’t have support from a medical background. This is one of the factors that adjusters try to reduce the settlement amount.

I understand what you are thinking?

Yes, People can get help from lawyers. But think about it, for just the medical bills case how the lawyer accepts the case. It’s the smaller portion now. And also if a claimant asks for help from a lawyer it means he/she needs to pay some fees to the lawyer.

In this situation, 90% of people accept lower settlement offers from Insurance companies.

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Insurer ask you to accept your fault

Insurer ask you to accept your fault

Note: Adjusters ask you to accept your mistakes. By accepting your fault leads to a low settlement offer.

Yes, For this reason many insurance adjusters try to manipulate you to say what they need.

This was one of the best home insurance claim adjuster secret tactics ever seen. Don’t be fooled by their words. 

Don’t get into the trap of insurance adjuster speech.

Disputing Treatments

In some situations, Insurance adjusters try to dispute your medical treatments to reduce low settlement fees.

So, try to have important medical documents, It will save you from Insurance adjuster questions.

Insurer ask to not hire Attorney

Insurer ask to not hire Attorney

Sometimes Insurance adjusters try to say hiring an attorney is unnecessary for you. Did you know why the Insurer said this?

Because hiring attorneys for insurance claims will help all claimants to settle their full or fair settlements.

Sometimes the adjuster will threaten to deny the claim if you hire attroney. Insurance adjusters try to ask you to retain the attorney for your insurance case. 

This means that you have a higher chance to get your high settlement even deducting attorney fees.

Lowball offer

Initially the Insurance adjuster will give you a lower settlement offer. Do you know why? This is also one of the tactics used by all advisers to create a feel like claimants have overestimated their settlement cost.

Finally the claimant agrees to the lower ball offer given by the adviser. 

Long Drawn Negotiation

Look, More Insurance adjusters have plans to do long negotiations. This is also one of the tactics used by advisers to every claimant until they become tired. 

Did you know why advisers are doing long negotiations?

Because, they need to settle lower settlements to the claimants. So, Don’t allow these tactics in your places. In this case stand and fight with advisers with the help of an attorney until you get full settlements or far settlements.

Insurer makes false promises against you

Insurance adjusters are like foxes. Do you know why I am saying fox? Because foxes are clever animals in the jungle. Foxes even make fools for all animals.

In this way, this also the one of the home insurance claim adjuster secret tactics behind the claimants.

To accept lower settlement for the people advisers can do whatever they want. Sometimes they even make fake promises against every claimant to give fair settlement but advisers already know he only gives lowball offers.

You know what?

Insurance adjusters get a bonus from the Insurance companies when he/she provides a lowball offer to claimants. 

Note : Adjusters main objective/priority is to give lowball offers to claimants. Yes this is their job, not for well being.

Demanding a Recorded statements

Insurance adjusters will ask for old medical records which are not necessary to claim the settlement. 

Many claimants don’t have old records, in this case people will accept lowball offers. The only choice to get a fair settlement is to ask for help from an insurance attorney.

Faking Kindness

Home Insurance claim adjuster secret tactics (Fake Kindness)

Look, Insurance adjusters are professionals and they know how to play games with clients. Yes this was happening in many countries to get trust with clients. 

Do you know what happens next?

If the client trusts adjusters, then 90% of people accept the lowball offer settlements. Which is not good.

So, if you are in this situation don’t trust your Insurance adjuster. I hope you understand. Right.

Wrap up

In this blog you will get home insurance claim adjuster secret tactics and how to overcome this. 

If you are trying to claim insurance you need to understand this tactic which is played by all insurance adjusters.

So keep in mind, Before claiming insurance policy ask help with Insurance expert attorney.


What not to say to a homeowners insurance adjuster?

Here are few information needs to do,

  • Don’t accept lowball offer
  • Don’t accept your fault
  • Don’t give information about your emotional conditions

What not to say when talking to an insurance adjuster?

“Sorry” is the word you should not say when talking to Insurance adjusters. Because this word leads to you getting a lowball offer settlement.

Can you argue with an insurance claims adjuster?

Yes, you can argue with an insurance claims adjuster. If you get or quote a lowball settlement offer you can do it.

What questions should I ask my home insurance adjuster?

You can ask some common questions to home insurance adjuster like,

  • How long does it take to get Insurance settlement?
  • Does policy cover all damages in home?
  • What is my deductible

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