How to Negotiate Roof Replacement with Insurance Company?

To negotiate roof replacement with insurance you need to follow some step by step process. Dealing with an insurance company to get a fair settlement to your home and family is a fun experience.

You also know that the roof of your home is one of the primary protectors for everyone. However, sometimes every roof will become damaged during any unforeseen events such as storms, heavy rain and more other stuff.

If your home roof is damaged by this storm or heavy rain you can negotiate with your insurance company and claim a file for insurance.

If you know how to negotiate roof replacement with insurance you can godhead, Instead you don’t know to negotiate you need to follow some steps to get your claimed insurance.

Before going to file for insurance, you need to know the Homeowners insurance policy, how the roof will be damaged, if all is okay then file a claim on time.

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Tips to negotiate roof replacement with insurance for your home

negotiate roof replacement with insurance

By following these tips you will get a better damage cost from your insurance policy.

  • Understand your claim process with your insurance company
  • Understand Adjuster role first
  • Carefully review your insurance policy
  • You can Hire roof contractor
  • Do keep valid records
  • Submit your roof insurance claim
  • Review the offer
  • Request second opinion

Understand your claim process with your insurance company

Understand your claim process with your insurance company

Before going to claim your insurance, you need to know what is involved in your homeowner insurance policy. By checking this you can easily negotiate fair settlement to the insurer.

Here are the claim process from scratch,

Step 1 – Call any professional roofer to check the damage on your home roof and fixed it. Take pictures if necessary.

Step 2 – Call your insurance company and tell them you are ready to file a claim for home damage.

Step 3 – Submit the claim document to your insurance company.

Step 4 – Have a look on your roof with your insurance adjuster. To increase your insurance money, keep a roofing professional near you while inspection occurs.

Step 5 – Wait for some time to get an insurance offer for repair from the insurance company.

Step 6 – Submit the estimation cost given by your roofing professionals to your insurer.

Step 7 – On approval time, ask your roofing professional to join you to go to the insurance company to talk about material you need to repair.

Step 8 – Finally, invoice will be sent to your insurance company for payout.

Keep in mind, insurance policy varies depending on their terms and conditions.

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Understand the adjuster role first

Negotiate to insurance adviser

Do you know what the adjuster role is?

Adjuster is working for their insurance company. He is also one of the people who increase their company profit. So, it’s quite simple to say that an adjuster’s primary goal is to settle your claim with lowest cost. Which is really bad for you.

First you negotiate roof replacement with an insurance adjuster, if he does not take any steps you can move through professional lawyers to get a proper settlement.

Carefully review your insurance policy

Before you go to claim insurance policy, you need to review carefully about claims, conditions and other stuff.

Do check what is covered in your insurance coverage. Most insurance companies covers damages such as stroms, water damages.,etc

Some of the damages not covers in your insurance policy, they are,

  • Damage by natural disasters
  • Mold and mildew damages

Consult with roofing professionals

Consult with roofing professionals

If you need a fair settlement from the insurance company then you should hire a roof contractor who is professionals in their work.

Do you know what they will do?

They are already professionals in roofing work. Roof contractors will give you an accurate estimation cost for damages. By this estimation you can submit to your insurance company to claim a fair amount.

Beware from unlicensed roofing contractor. Because Many insurance companies do not accept estimation costs prepared by unlicensed roofing people.

And, also unlicensed contractors do not give warranty for materials. It’s bad to hear.

How to know roof contractors are professionals?

To check roof contractors are professionals, you need to do 4 simple steps.

They are,

  1. Keep a google search and list the roofing companies near your city.
  2. Visit the website and check if he is working or not in a particular company.
  3. Check the review about professional workers on their website
  4. Check their valid ID cards and their license too.

Do keep valid records

Hey, don’t forget to keep your records safely. Take photos, video recordings, and audio files which are related to your roof and document everything.

These documents will help you to negotiate with your insurance companies to get some fair settlement offers.

Submit your roof insurance claim

After you received the estimated cost for damages to your roof from the roofing contractor, you can start to claim a file for your insurance.

Review the offer

After file the claim to the insurance company, please wait for a time to get your insurance offered cost.

If insurer quote less offer, just decline offer and try to negotiate roof replacement with insurance providers,

While negotiating with insurance adjusters try to submit all documents such as images, videos, and all related files. If you have the best professional roofing contractor, he/she will fight for you to get better fair settlement from insurance providers.

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How do I file a homeowners insurance claim?

Request second opinion

If you are not satisfied with negotiation with the insurance adjuster, request a second opinion from another adjuster within the same insurance company.

This will work in sometime and also it will move favorable to you to make a good settlement offer. 

Try it and give your message in the comment below.

What are the damages not covered in the Insurance coverage plan?

Here are some list which help you to know what damages not covered in insurance plan,

  • General wear and tear are not covered in insurance.
  • If your roof contractor damages some property while repairing, it’s also not covered in plan.
  • Mold and mildew in and of itself is not covered in insurance coverage.
  • Most insurance policies do not covers natural disasters.
  • Damages caused by pets and birds not accepted by insurance companies.

Wrap up

By following these 8 steps you will probably get 90% success from your end. Look, Before going to get insurance for roof damage you need to be clear about whether your home insurance covers this or not.

If yes, move to the next step what i previously said.

Having some experts near you will increase your success and you have a chance to increase your payout too.


What are the best insurance companies for roof replacement?

  • Cover Wallet
  • Next Insurance 
  • Prime Insurance 
  • Castle Rock Agency 
  • CNA Insurance 

These are the companies best for roofing insurance.

How to Negotiate a Fair Payout for Your Roof Insurance Claim?

By following these tips you will get a better damage cost from your insurance policy.

  1. Understand your claim process with your insurance company
  2. Understand Adjuster role first
  3. Carefully review your insurance policy
  4. You can Hire roof contractor
  5. Do keep valid records
  6. Submit your roof insurance claim
  7. Review the offer
  8. Request second opinion

Will Insurance cover a 20 year old roof ?

Yes, but a limited insurance company will cover these old roofs.

Will Insurance cover a 15 year old roof ?

Yes, but a limited insurance company will cover these old roofs.

Insurance won’t pay for a new roof?

It’s all depending on your insurance policy, your insurance company may provide reimbursement based upon the age of the roof.

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