Best Otto Insurance Reviews with its Features and Benefits

Otto Insurance Reviews – Insurance is important in our daily life. Yes, it’s most important to protect you from any unforeseen event like natural disasters, accidents, or illness. So, the Otto Insurance company offers a wide range of insurance providers for renter’s insurance, car insurance, home insurance and so on.

In this article, we will review how Otto insurance helps people, history of Otto insurance, Benefits, Pros and cons of Otto insurance, how customer support is processed, & coverage options.

By the end of these Otto insurance reviews, you will know if Otto Insurance is really legit or a scam.

Note: Otto Insurance is not an insurance company, It helps you to connect your insurance quotes with various insurance companies. Otto Insurance works on a Lead basis.

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What is Otto Insurance?

What is Otto Insurance Reviews?

Otto Insurance helps you to know more insurance offers from various insurance companies and their coverage plan from many states.

This Company is fully focused on helping all peoples to get insurance policies according to their background. Yes, Otto Insurance is working like a lead generation process which will connect customers to more insurance companies. You can choose the insurance company which will be suitable for your needs. 

The Otto Insurance company offers more types of Insurance quotes with coverage plans for Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Pet Insurance, Life Insurance & Commercial.

Otto Insurance Contact Details

Otto CompanyContact Details
Address429 Lenox Ave, FL 5, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone Number1-888-596-1534

How does Otto Insurance Works?

How does Otto Insurance Works?

Many customers think about how Otto Insurance works? Hmm. I will say how this Otto Insurance company works in the marketplace.

Look, Otto is not an Insurance company, it acts as lead generator from various insurance companies in one place. Otto Insurance has more than 1000+ Lenders, Partners in different providers such as, energy provider, solar panel companies, mortgage provider and more other stuff.

Once You fill your Insurance quotes and submit into Otto insurance company, Otto will immediately share your quotes into various insurance companies. Once your form matches according to the insurance company’s needs, you will get insurance from the matched company.

Once you get insurance, Otto will receive compensation from its partner. This is how the Otto Insurance company will work.

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Is Otto Insurance Really Worth for you?

Yes, 100% Otto Insurance is really worth it.

Pros and Cons for Otto Insurance

Here is the list of pros and cons of Otto Insurance companies. You need to look it out.

Pros of OTTO InsuranceCons of OTTO Insurance
Easy to get accessOtto is not an Insurance Company
Connect Your quotes with more than 1000+ Insurance companiesOnly Less information available about Otto Insurance company
Otto helps you to offer insurance in Pet, Commercial, Home, Auto, Life.You aren’t able to choose which insurance company you want.
Otto will help for all peoplesBy sharing your personal information you will get more calls and emails.
Otto is free to useDoesn’t Quote Insurance amount

What are the types of Otto Insurance Offers?

You need to keep in mind “Otto does not provide insurance for you, instead Otto will help your quotes which match to other insurance companies”.

Some of the Coverage options provide by Otto insurance partners,

  • Liability
  • Collison
  • Comprehension
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Uninsured/underinsured Motorist
  • Medical Insurance
  • Guaranteed Auto Protection Insurance
  • Non Owner Insurance
  • Rental Reimbursement
  • Roadside Assistance and Towing


If you get in an accident with your fault, liability coverage will pay for 3rd party driver’s medical bills & damages you made to others property.


Collision Insurance will help to pay damages for your vehicle or your medical bills. It is opposite to Liability.


Comprehensive coverage will cover if your vehicle gets into an accident due to natural disasters like weather, fire, theft and more.

Personal Injury Protection

Personal Injury Protection is also known as PIP. This will help you to pay your all medical bills.

Uninsured/underinsured Motorist

This coverage is one of the best coverage plans. Yes, if you get in an accident you will get more benefits even if you do not have insurance.

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance works like a back up of health insurance, it will pay your full medical bills expenses.

Guaranteed Auto Protection Insurance

If you get in an accident and your vehicle is still in financing, the GAP insurance evaluates the car from current value and actual value for the car and pays it.

Non Owner Insurance

If you get in an accident while driving a rental car or your friend’s car, this Non owner Insurance will help you to pay the all damages cost.

Rental Reimbursement

When your car gets in an accident and causes damages this reimbursement will help you. 

Did you know how?

If your car is damaged you need to choose a rental car while yours is repaired. So, rental will be paid with the help of this reimbursement coverage plan.

Roadside Assistance and Towing

This coverage will help you when your car is stuck by battery dry or puncture.

Apart from this coverage Otto also helps you to get Home insurance, Pet Insurance, Life Insurance.

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Is Otto Insurance Legit?

Is Otto Insurance Legit?

Yes, Otto Insurance is Legit company, which helps you to get coverage plans in auto insurance, pet insurance, life insurance. Otto Insurance company headquarters is in Miami Beach, Florida. 

Otto Insurance is Available in more than 50+ US states.

According to our experts’ knowledge there is no wide information about Otto insurance companies. However, Crunchbase is one of the best websites that gives some more data about Otto Insurance Company.

Otto Company owner & CEO – Joshua Keller

We searched for “Joshua Keller” on Linkedin. Finally we get this information,  Joshua Keller is the Entrepreneur  of more companies like Union Square Media Group(Parent Company of Otto Insurance company).

More than 10,000+ people visit Otto Insurance website to get insurance for their own needs. There have been no negative reviews from this company since the last 2 years. This clearly explains how Otto Insurance is Legit from people’s perceptiveness.

How to Apply for Otto Insurance Quote?

How to Apply for Otto Insurance Quote?

There are few steps to get Otto Insurance Quotes, 

Step 1 – Visit “Otto Insurance” Website first.

Step 2 – You need to provide some answers for the asked questions

Step 3 – You need to say weather you are newbie or member of Otto Insurance

Step 4 – Once you complete your info Otto will verify your documents, it takes some minutes of time.

Step 5 – After that, Give your name, phone number.

Step 6 – After completing all your information it is time to get a quote. So click “Get your Free Quote Button” That’s it. Otto will send your quote to many insurance companies, You will get the call from insurance companies as soon as possible.

What are the Requirements asked for Insurance Quotes in Otto?

Otto Insurance Reviews

Here are some of the requirements asked by Otto Insurance company, Quote is below,

  • Need to give your vehicle model number,
  • Need to add last 30 days insurance proof,
  • Your gender,
  • Your age,
  • Your name,
  • Your address,
  • Your phone number,
  • Your D.O.B,
  • Your credit scores

How to Maximise Savings from Car Insurance?

By doing such thing, you can easily maximise your savings from car insurance, the methods are,

  • Improve your credit scores,
  • Ask discounts from insurance providers,
  • Compare Insurance providers and choose lowest amount coverage,
  • You have to maintain clean records ( No accident )

Is Otto Insurance a Scam?

No, Otto Insurance is Legitimate company working with many insurance providers. You can easily process your quote by filling your details in Otto and get more calls and emails from different insurance companies if you qualify for insurance.

Otto Insurance Privacy Policy

Otto tries to submit your personal information  such as name, place, address, phone number. Otto Insurance Privacy Policy says that they have the rights to collect additional information about you from offline and online.

Otto Insurance company will be store cookies on your computer and collect all your information with the help of IP address and ISP(Internet service provider)

With this information, you will get calls, emails from various insurance providers and they will try to sell their products.

Otto Insurance Accredited by Better Business Bureau?

No, Otto is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Otto is designed to collect leads generation from various insurance companies and it means Otto is completely legit.

Is the Otto Website safe?

Otto Website is 100% safe and it has SSL secure websites. Using a website is safe and also it will track your data using cookies using ISP.

How to Find Discounts in Otto Insurance Company?

Here are some discounts available from Otto Insurance Company,

  • If you have a Certified Defensive course in driving you will get discounts.
  • If you are a college student you can get some discounts from Car insurance.
  • If your home insurance and car insurance are the same company then you will get instant discounts.
  • If you have many cars and get car insurance from the same company, you will get more discounts.
  • If you pay the premium bills upfront 6 months earlier, you will get some discounts.
  • If you pay premium car insurance with automatic payment via credit cards you will get some discounts.

Alternatives for Otto Insurance Company

Here are some alternative insurance company which also give same features and coverage plans for customers,

They are,

  • Insurify
  • Jerry
  • Quotewizard
  • Geico

Otto Insurance Reviews by Customer

Otto Insurance Reviews 1

Otto Insurance Reviews 1

Otto Insurance Reviews 2

Otto Insurance Reviews 2

Otto Insurance Reviews 3

Otto Insurance Reviews 3

Wrap up

From this above article you will get detailed information about Otto Insurance reviews. I think so. 

Otto Insurance is the reliable platform for its coverage plan and insurance policy compared to other insurance companies. In Otto Insurance you can easily navigate the process and apply insurance very easily. Customer support is excellent here.

If you need Insurance you can apply with this Otto Insurance. Because Otto will  help to get the best coverage plan, interest rates according to your documents submitted.


Is Otto insurance Legal?

Yes, Otto insurance is Legit and Legal.

Who is Otto insurance owned by?

Joshua Keller owned Otto insurance company.

Who is the CEO of Otto insurance?

CEO of Otto insurance is Joshua Keller.

How does Otto Insurance make money?

Otto Insurance acts as a lead generation between customers and insurance providers. If a customer gets a loan from the help of Otto, then Otto gets compensation from those insurance companies.

Is Otto Insurance an auto insurance company?

No, Otto Insurance is not an auto insurance company, it is a Lead generation website.

Is Otto  Insurance free to use?

Yes, Otto Insurance is free to use.

What is the address of Otto Insurance?

The address of Otto Insurance company is 429 Lenox Ave, FL 5, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

What is the phone number of Otto Insurance Company?

The phone number of Otto Insurance is 1-888-596-1534.

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